An invitation

Latisha. Mother, Writer, Herb crafter.

Latisha. Mother, Writer, Herb crafter.

Talk to trees, play with plants, and write love letters to the land. Listen for whispers written in roots and seeds. Pay attention, they will tell you stories.

Stories are the soil of wisdom. 

Hearing them connects us to the land.
Creating them connects us to our soul.
Sharing them connects us to each other. 

I am a writer. But, my practice is noticing, mostly plants. Then, I write stories inspired by the land. 

Invite sea and air, earth and fire, spirit and matter into your creative practice.

Notice the art of nature. It will nourish you. 

"Prayer is the capacity to listen. If we can listen to the land, we can listen to each other.
This is the beginning of ceremony." ~Terry Tempest Williams