An invitation

 Latisha. Mother, Writer, Herb crafter.

Latisha. Mother, Writer, Herb crafter.

Talk to trees, play with plants, and sing over the sea. Listen for whispers written in roots and seeds. Pay attention, they will tell you stories.

Stories are the soil of wisdom. 

Hearing them connects us to the land.
Creating them connects us to our soul.
Sharing them connects us to each other. 

Practice noticing, start with plants. Then, write love letters to the land

Invite sea and air, earth and fire, spirit and matter into your creative practice.

Notice the art of nature. It will nourish the nature of your art. 

About this Site
My name is Latisha Guthrie. I am a writer by heart. My work in this life includes writing the invitations to the greatest party in the universe. My life as an herbcrafter and herb farmer informs earth-based teaching, poetry and craft that teases humans back to awareness of nature, their own as well as what surrounds and sustains us. I am also a mother to two small girls whom I homeschool. I embrace this present moment fully for the short while I am blessed to consciously guide my children into adulthood, while slowly tending and cultivating the broader passions of my life. The content here represents the few small threads I am able to weave amidst snuggles and projects and heartbreaks.

A generative soul compass guides the heart of my work: a great love for our Wild Mother Earth. The practices are forms of reciprocity for all of her many gifts. It is my hope that in sharing them, they may inspire you towards a greater connection with all beings.

Love and Besos,

Herbmother practices
~a compass for reciprocity~