Dancing in the New

"So this Pisces New Moon, take whatever wisdom you have learned this past year, and consecrate it to the next passage in your mythic journey. Looking back one last time, take all the sorrows and losses, the mistakes and confusion, the gains and successes, and thank them for the knowledge with which they have blessed you. Then, drawing down courage from the Moon, look forward into the future for the next stage of your adventure!" ~Mooncircles

Today's the day. We are moving into the Sunflower House. Today. On a new moon. A new, (almost) springtime moon. It's really, actually happening. I thought the road getting here was going to be a bit less bump and curve, but we're finally here. I know I was a little more than freaked out. But I'm not going to spend one more second stewing on all the drama. We are here. I just still can't believe it. This thing, this idea we had in our head one random Thursday night in August two years ago, has been fully realized. Almost down to the very detail. The job, the house with the floors, the playroom, even the apple trees. The community. The opportunities. It's going to take a while for it all to sink in.

We were supposed to have closed 2.5 weeks ago. But a cluster *&$% of events that left us  on several occasions wondering if we'd be able to buy the house at all, just ended up pushing the move-in day to today. A new moon. If I wasn't so exhausted from all the crazy of the last few weeks, I'd say it's almost perfect. There are so many emotions floating through me right now. Excitement, fear, anticipation, guilt (yeah still that). And, so many questions. What do we do now? Where do we start? What happens when? So I'm going to take some time and just get really grounded today. And reflect on what it took to get us here.

This new moon is a Pisces moon. And since Pisces rules the feet (not that I know much about this sort of thing), I'm going to celebrate by dancing barefoot with gratitude on the earth until my toes are beet red from the cold, wet, grass. Then I'm going to give em a good, long decadent herbal sea salt soak and start thinking about what we are going to build next. How are you going to celebrate the new moon?

Pisces New Moon Visioning Foot Soak Materials: Soaking Basin 1/4 cup of sea salt 1 tsp ground ginger 4 drops rose essential oil handful of fresh or dried rose petals

Method: Heat water (in a kettle perhaps), stir in sea salt, ginger and essential oil. Sprinkle rose petals on top of water.

:: Close your eyes and feel the heat begin to stimulate your feet. See your next great adventure in your mind. Imagine the place you will be when it is fully realized. Hold it for a moment or two. Then use that heat energy to vision by placing your feet on the earth at that place. Experience your feet dancing you there. ::