“It was through her actions of reciprocity, the give and take with the land, that the original immigrant became indigenous. For all of us becoming indigenous to a place means living as if your children's future mattered, to take care of the land as if our lives, both material and spiritual depended on it."
~Robin Wall KimmererBraiding Sweetgrass

Herbmother Practices : A Compass for Reciprocity

Notice: Wake each day and let yourself be awed. 
Celebrate: Make time to dance, create and sing. 
Learn: Lean in to what you do not know. 
Give: Be still and listen. 
Pray: Let it all be sacred.

Step in time with the moss and trees and make your life a melody of seasons. 

With gratitude to Ellen Lorenzi-Prince for her teaching on orienting creative work on a soul compass at Gaian Soul Retreats.