From Me To You


Hearth-keeping and homeschooling inspires the everyday magic that I live inside. Herbcraft is my pathway on the journey of a soul-driven life. A life richly connected to the mystery. I love lighting lanterns for those just starting out on these paths.

I am currently working on these three offerings and more details will be available soon.


Nurture by Nature

Custom Care Herb Baskets.

These baskets are filled with medicine and magic, craft and conjure, potions and power to support healing.

Plant Spirit Stories

Personalized messages from the land.

Your questions, my art, her stories. Live into your curiosities with a poem, a picture and a potion crafted just for you.

Heart to Hearth

for HOMESCHOOLERS and herbalists.

Join me by the fireside and ask all the questions you’ve been holding in your heart.  In this coaching program designed for beginning homeschoolers and herbalists I am sharing my stories, regrets, resources, triumphs and help you craft a plan that’s just right for you.