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Words and Books - From Nothingness


There was nothing and then life came into existence. Stephen Hawking says, "It was possible for the entire universe to appear out of nothing." There is a place from which all things grew into a miraculous emergence. 


Without deep reflection, we have taken on the story of endings, assumed the story of extinction, and have believed that it is the certain outcome of our presence here. From this position, fear, bereavement, and denial keep us in the state of estrangement from our natural connection with land. 

We need new stories, new terms and conditions that are relevant to the love of land, a new narrative that would imagine another way, to learn the infinite mystery and movement at work in the world. It would mean we, like the corn people of the Maya, give praise and nurture creation. 


At the beginning, there was nothing and something came from it.
~Linda Hogan, Dwellings