Cottonwood Crowns

We are still living fully in cottonwood city around here. After I made my oil, I didn't really feel like making anything other than wishes with the stems, but I couldn't just throw them out. So, they sat on my workshop table for a few weeks until I eventually decided to toss them onto the top of the garden beds to be mulched in eventually. Then one day as I was scrolling through instagram I saw these from Papier-Mache Magazine. I finally knew exactly what we had to do with our left over twigs. I love  Kirsten Rickert. Her dreamscapes and ethereal photos inspire me to no end. After seeing her tutorial, I was wishing I hadn't thrown my twigs away. Thankfully, Drew hadn't done anything with them yet but, they were covered in a foot of snow. So I went on a wee needle in a haystack hunt, snow shovel in hand, to find them. Much to my delight, the twigs were still very intact. Just in case, I set them out in front of the fire to dry a few hours inside and got down to making our crowns.

The girls selected their fabric from some scraps I had when I cut up some top sheets to make curtains. Does anybody use top sheets? I never have. Anyway, I don't do a lot of sewing on purpose, so I was surprised to find the iron still working, hidden in the back of a closet.

Today was a perfect day for crafting them. It took me a while to get the hang of the stitching, keeping the twigs straight and not fumbling around in my hands, but they turned out great. I ended up putting a layer of felt on the inside as they knobby cottonwood twigs were kind of hard on the forehead without. I also plan on sewing in some elastic on the back rather than tying them as she suggests in the post. It was so wonderful to use my hands and get crafty in this way. I really have missed just playing and making for no reason at all. I sat next to my love while he watched a show and just sewed by the fire. It was such good medicine. And speaks to the larger movement my heart and body is aching to make these days.

What do you think? Will you make some twiggy crowns? Cottonwood or otherwise? I'm thinking apple fairy and cherry goddess crowns next...

Love and Besos, Latisha