For the Love of Vinegar

I use rosemary infused vinegar to wash counter-tops and rinse hair and rose vinegar to as my facial astringent and to soothe sunburns. The rest of the vinegars we make end up being mostly for food and experimentation. It's my favorite way to use up extra herbs. We've got loads of em. I like them on salads, beans, reduced then stir-fried with greens, added to a pesto, in a little seltzer water (rose is amazing in summer this way), added to smoothies, get the idea.


I like raw apple cider vinegar best because it fits my herbmama way criteria, cheap and easy to find just about anywhere. However ume, rice vinegar and wine vinegars can be fun too. They make wonderful gifts, people go nuts over em.

Herbal Vinegars are super easy and fun to make:

  • Stuff a jar about 2/3 full with fresh herbs or fruit or greens or flowers or....and fill to the top with vinegar. Make sure none of the plant material is poking above the vinegar.

  • Cover with a plastic lid and keep in a dark place for at least three weeks. Vinegar will corrode the metal lids so you'll need to get one of the plastic kinds or put a piece of plastic between the glass and the lid. You can use plastic wrap or a zip lock bag.

  • After the three weeks you can strain and enjoy. If you can stand to go about six weeks, the flavor really intensifies. They should keep indefinitely.

The raspberries are just about to ripen up here and I've got 3 bottles of ACV on the ready. But I might wander over to that luscious patch of nettles across the street if they don't hurry!