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HerbMother's Cupboard

HerbMother's Cupboard series I'm starting with the basic herbcrafts from the Folk Foundations Series of HerbCamp. I'll be sharing a few of my favorite recipes and curating some of my old posts starting with the most used medicine in my home: Tea.

Tea is the easiest and safest way to bring a bit of herb'n lifestyle into the casa. More than just medicine, tea is sensory medicine. The flavors, smells, colors and tastes in a brew provide healing long before the contents of the cup are measured. Jars of herbs lined up on your kitchen counter whisper home to anybody who sees them and slowing down to make your tea is the best kind of walking meditation I know. I've talked a lot about tea over the years, so much so that I used to even have a meme celebrating tea and I share my #mondaymugshot on instragam each week. If you're an instagrammer, tag me @herbmother, I'd love to see yours. Below are just a few of my favorite posts as well as a free eBook full of tea recipes. Give yourself the gift of a cool thrifted tea-pot with mismatched cups, invite some friends over to enjoy the sensory healing experience of herbal tea.

Download a free copy of HerbMother's Cupboard - Tea, 14 pages of tea recipes and the stories that inspired them.

Love and tea, Latisha