Herb'n Fruit Rice Wraps


Basil Mango Alfalfa Sprout Wrapped in Rice Paper

Ahh, the business and abundance of summer. The abundance of fruit. Of herbs. Of family. Of fun. Not much time for cooking whole meals and keeping them healthy. Here's one of our herb'n kitchen faves. Herbs, greens, fruit, wrapped in rice paper. They make great treats, healthy, sweet, and easy to prepare a day ahead and grab on the go, or bring to a potluck.

Supplies Rice Paper (found in most 'ethnic' aisles in the grocery store) Fruit in season Herbs in season Greens or sprouts of choice

How To: Fill a pie plate with boiled water (we keep a kettle on the stove on low to refill as we need, in order to keep the water warm) Soften the rice paper in the hot water, transfer to a plate, flatten out. Stuff with filings....roll-up.

Some of our Favorite combos are: Mint, cucumber, strawberry Basil, alfalfa sprout, mango Lemon balm, orange, kale Mint, apple, raisin, shredded carrot Rosemary, pear, bean sprout Chive, raspberry, cucumber

Add a delicious cilantro or mint yogurt honey dip and the crowd will go wild.