Pomegranate Inspirations

I've been entertaining the lovely Persephone and Aphrodite in my kitchen the last few days. I've been inspired to recreate some offerings I have not played with in some time. It's funny how pomegranate plays on the senses of women. Every time I write or post about it, the gals start to mmmmm and ahhhh and ooohhh, almost in a primal way. Like the very mention of this original forbidden fruit taps into something deep within our DNA. A history long since forgotten, retold to fit the needs of these times. But the wild woman stirs. The one who is curious not tempted, adventurous not disobedient, and sensual not sinful.

As our pomegranate begins to blossom and the heat bursts open the abundant fruit of her womb, I am reminded of all there is to be grateful for. The many seed of creativity, passion, and abundance that lives in a woman's heart.

Persephone Powder Goddess Skin Scrub, Aphrodite's Whisper Loose Herb Incense, Pomegranate Flower Essence Elixir.