Garden Herb Kale Chips


There was a sweet little savory herb garden right out the front door of Sunflower house when we moved in. Rosemary, thyme, mint, oregano, and parsley. All just a few steps away from the kitchen. Yesterday, inspired by this little peace of heaven, I made some kale chips. They were so good. Today, when I went to take a picture of them, feeling all sorry for myself about my good life, this little rosemary Deva showed herself to me.  We did a little dance, had a little chat, and it all washed away. Nature's awesome like that. Always reminding me to lean in close, and offering me a chance to believe in something else.  "Just stop and taste the savory," whispered the divine little purple queen. Well, yes ma'am, I think I will.

Besos, Latisha

rosemary queen.

Garlic Alfredo Garden Herb Kale Chips Soak 2 cups cashews overnight. Blend in high speed blender with 1 cup nutritional yeast, 1/2 c walnuts, juice of 1 lemon, 1.5 cups water, 5-6 sprigs fresh thyme (leaves removed from stem), 2 sprigs fresh rosemary (leaves removed from stem) 2-3 tsp salt, 1 tsp garlic powder.

Tear kale leaves from stem, massage sauce onto chips. Dehydrate until crunchy. Eat the garden. Taste the Savory. Permission granted, no dues required.