New Moon Ritual

Offering myself a moment to process and sensually experience fall by *noticing* the subtle change, is important to a healthy seasonal shift for me.


Virgo New Moon Ritual in Harvest Season

Sage Mother Spiritual Bath RitualFirst prepare your bath salt. Give yourself the gift of a 5 minutes in the shower. Before you turn the water on, pour the bath tea over your head and body. In spiritual bathing, like when we make flower essence, we keep the energy our bodies carry out of the healing waters and instead let them wash over us. You may then choose to take a bath or a shower or simply let the healing waters wash over you.

Next prepare your tea. As you sip your tea, you may choose to journal, sit quietly on a couch watching nature, help your children to bed or any other activity, intentional or otherwise. Let the tea serve as an extension of your release as a sensual reminder of your time in the shower. 

Honey Sage Blessed Mother Bath In a small bowl combine 1 cup of dead sea salt. Sea salt or epsom salt will work as well. Sprinkle some dried roses into the salt. As you sprinkle in the roses, think of the Blessed Mother and the unending, unconditional love she has for you. Next sprinkle in some dried sage. As you sprinkle the sage think of the constant sun, who rises each day to offer you warmth and nourishment. You may add essential oils instead or in addition to the herbs. A few drops will do. Crush the salt and herbs together to release the scent and crush your worry, and exhaustion, and business and any other thing you may be carrying and allow the rose and sage to infuse into those things that do not serve with their abundant love and light. With gratitude to the bees as symbols of community and connection we hold with all things, add 1-2 TB of honey and stir the mixture together. Scoop bath salt into a cloth bag or sock. (You can place mixture directly into the pot, but you will have to clean the herbs out afterward). Place it in a pot of water and bring to a boil. Let the herbs infuse for 10-15 minutes, longer if you have time.

Cleansing Sage Tea Cover a a few sage leaves with some boiled water. More if using fresh, less if using dried. Let your intuition guide. Use any variety of sage you like. Though many burn it in a smudge, I actually enjoy white sage as a tea. Pineapple or simple garden sage is also lovely. Allow it to steep for 5 minutes. Strain add a teaspoon (more if you need it) of honey and 1/4 to 1/2 the juice of one lemon.

It is my hope that this offering will continue to build your sensory vocabulary so that when you enjoy your cup of sage tea, you can return to this feeling of love, support and surrender, even if you don’t have time for the bath.

Besos and Blessings, Latisha