Rose Gloss by Sage


The weather has certainly started to bite back around here. It seems like we were just enjoying the crisp afternoon sun last week. We haven’t turned the heat on during the day yet, but at night we have started to use the small space heaters in our rooms. This is making all of us a bit dry in the morning. Not to mention, the girls still spend a good amount of time playing outside in the whipping cold wind. So I wasn’t super surprised when I saw Sage’s mouth covered in blood from chewing up her cracked dry lips. She asked if she could make some medicine so we gathered up a few things and got right to it. She, of course, wanted it pink and with roses and herbmama added a bit of chamomile for the chap. She made one for each of us reusing empty containers from old chapstick tubes and balms and named it simply, Rose Gloss.


Sage is very serious about herbs and herbcraft. She seems much more interested in it, at this stage, than Sevi. She concentrates pretty hard on making every detail perfect and thinks quite intentionally about what she wants to put in a healing potion. Obviously, for me, it’s a complete joy to watch. But of course, after all that hard work there was a bit of arting and bouncing to shake off all that seriousness.

IMG_5485 IMG_5504Rose Gloss by Sage
2 TB rose infused olive oil
2 TB chamomile infused olive oil
1 TB beeswax
1 tsp sifted beet root powder

Melt all in double boiler, stirring quickly to combine. Pour into containers and cool.

Love and Besos,

She Who Has Eyes Like the Sea


I know I just posted about the ocean yesterday. And in fact, these pictures were taken the same day. But they deserved their own mentioning. There was a magic that happen on the edge of the rock that stirred something deep within my own soul. She didn’t feel the cold, because she became a creature of the water. Stripped down as much as she could, she claimed her home. She danced there. She sang. She stood strong against the wind and the crashing waves. She mesmerized me and frightened me in the very same moments. I want to write poetically and eloquently about her freedom, her “ness.” But, in truth, she left me speechless.


IMG_5418 IMG_5417 IMG_5408 IMG_5405 IMG_5401 IMG_5429And then she climbed a 20 foot tree, and did it all again. How did I get so lucky to have her call me Mama? IMG_5478

Nature Devotion


On one of the last crisp fall sunny days last week, the girls begged to go to the ocean. It’s not exactly an odd request, but a request I hadn’t heard in some time. So we bundled up and made our way, in an hour or so, to the sea.


I am never forgetful of how awesome it is for them to grow up in a place rich with so much nature. Right at their fingertips. We explore and we learn, but we also make Church of it. This is where all of us find release and relief. I think they called me to the sea for one last song of the season. Not that we won’t visit again, but perhaps not for several months to splash and play.


We danced along the edge in deep gratitude for the many blessings she gives. And I even saw a bit of mermaid in my shadow.


The View that Faith Built


Over the last year there have been  many many imperfections I’ve felt about this place. Silly things. Cosmetic and structural. Things that are likely to be found in any home in any town. I’ve lived so many places that is the only thing I’m pretty sure about….there’s always something. Even though I knew that to be true, it always was like this little whisper of doubt about Sunflower House. Like, maybe we didn’t make the right choice. And the one big something about this house that always always bothered me was the lack of view. I don’t even mean like fancy five-star-hotel view. I mean open view. Not forested or clustered by houses. I would have taken prairie, meadow, grassland. Anything. You see, part of what’s medicine for me is being able to see. Nature guides me all the way in all ways. When I can’t see far, I can’t see far. It is the reason I run so often to the sea. In order to relax my eyes so they may be open to all there is.


This weekend, as I was making dinner, Drew asked if we would all join him outside for a moment. Now, to be honest, I don’t always enjoy this request. Usually it is full of some kind of lengthy drawn out plan about his vision for the garden and the soil microbes and wind shielding and whatnot. Now, I know that may sound awesome to some, but trust me, it gets old. This time, however, we were in for a real treat. Standing at the north wedge of the medicine wheel gardens, we could see Mt. Baker, or Komo Kulshan as it is known here. We had never seen it before. I immediately burst into tears and sat on the cold frozen earth in my short sleeve shirt and apron.

IMG_5551He grabbed a ladder and framed us a view by clearing a few of the walnut and apple branches. With each clip I was pulled deeper and deeper in. Called. Delivered. Received. Revealed.


It was the view that faith built. We had finally said yes, and this land, she unwrapped her most precious gift. We stared as the sun set and the mountain became dusted with the colors of autumn. You were blind, but now you see, she whispered in the wind…

Love and Besos,