Sowing Circles - The Medicine of Community

seed love

The other night, I had a beautiful dream. Images of women bouncing through the forest to collect horsetail in spring and St Johns wort in summer. Watercolors melting of kiddos stuffing jars full of roses covering them with sticky honey, some of it making it to the jar. Tattered and dog-eared herb books and field guides strewn about, recipes inspired but long abandoned for the experiment that birthed itself while they walked the trail together. And my heart felt full and whole. And I knew. Right then and there, what I was meant to do. I've never been quite clear on this idea of finding my why. But in that moment, the importance of knowing why we are here to share our soulself became so clear. I finally understood.

Today is Lughnasadh. The first harvest of the season. Making herbcraft is a wonderful way to celebrate this time of abundance and community and joy. I love my lone walks to the forest collecting medicine, but it's when gathering with beloveds to harvest and make potions that I feel the most power in the working with plants. In the spirit of the season, Sowing Circles was born.   It's my contribution to the ever growing ripple of herbcrafting folk who tend and nurture the soil of the medicine. I'm talking about the herbmamas, the neighborhood potion maker who works at the grocery store, that auntie with the great tea. I'm talking about the folks who take kids on impromptu plant walks after they get home from work, the folks who have extra lemons and garlic in their fridge, and everyone who's ever wanted to be that person. Sowing Circles combines my desire to bring women together in community and share my love of plants. I hope to offer support in how to organize and facilitate your own medicine gatherings and grow your community of future herbmamas from the ground up. I will be sharing much more in the coming weeks, but you will find my first offering to the community below.

Planting the last two seeds from...

For today only August 1, if you register for one full set of HerbCamps (all three sessions, $130) you can invite your whole group to camp, as many as you like. I'm even leaving the group bundle discount in.

Here's what I'm asking: You create a Sowing Circle. Gather your tribe, your homeschool group, your families, your moms group...... And you commit to making the medicine. Maybe you won't even get to any of my class projects. Maybe you'll gather together and print off all those handmade herb goodies you've been bookmarking for years and finally get to them. Maybe you'll just find the plantain patch in your yard. But we'll do it together. And I'll be there to answer as many questions as I can. There will be no question too simple or too small. We'll play together.  We'll learn together. We'll make medicine together. And my guess is, very little of it will end up in a bottle.


What are we Sowing? Seeds of a Savory Life. Seeds of future curanderas and herbmamas in our children. Seeds of friendship. Seeds of earthways that will lead to earth healing. Seeds of Community, Connection, and Play. 

We start Monday, August 5th. Be there. Be Savory.

Love and Besos, Latisha

How to Play (official rules) All you need to do is have one person in your Sowing Circle enroll for the entire HerbCamp session (all three classes $130) and send me the email addresses of everyone in your group when they register. I'll leave it up to you guys to sort out how you divvy up the cost between you.

The Lughnasadh Sowing Circles special has ended. My many thanks to the amazing women who pulled together to make it happen for each other.