Sowing Sunshine, Growing Courage

written: March 5, 2012

“This very moment is a seed  from which the flowers of tomorrow's happiness grow.” ~Margaret Lindsey

The Sowing Sunshine Project guerrilla gardening goodness

Using plants as medicine is clearly a daily part of my world. But not until this year, have I really understood what all my teachers keep saying when they talk about it being more than just science. I tend to want to know why things work, having a hard time with faith. But after these last three years working closely with sunflower, my faith in the plants is where I begin. This project is about sharing a piece of that nature medicine that helped us rewrite our story. You can read all about it here. Last Sunday afternoon with the help of my family, 100 artful little spring inspired pouches were filled with a pinch of dill, calendula and 10 Sunflower seeds from our own garden.

Our guerrilla gardening request: use these seeds to plant your intention for this year. Toward abundance, peace, strength, courage. Plant sunflower seeds anywhere you want to see the sun.

These hearty plants grow almost anywhere. Perhaps outside your cubicle window, or in the parking lot at the doctors office. Maybe in the abandoned lot outside your city park. Maybe get together with your playgroup and plant them outside the swings. Or with your artful friends and paint beautiful pots and grow them in your windowsill. Maybe paint the pot, plant the seed, and give it to a friend. Buy more seeds. Have a planting party on the Spring Equinox. Save at least one for your own garden, and harvest your seeds. One sunflower can yield up to 2000 seeds. Share them with friends next year.

If you are wanting to connect a bit deeper. Save this little packet in your purse and whenever you need to reground, go outside wherever you are, take off your shoes, hold your palms up to the sun, and plant one seed in the middle of a sidewalk crack. Make ritual, create ceremony.  You see, using plant medicine is not just about taking tinctures and drinking tea. It's about connecting with nature. And I don't mean this in some etheric intangible way. Simple connecting: putting fingers and toes in the dirt. This is how we invite the wisdom and healing into our lives as a practice and a community.

If you're feeling at the bottom of the well, like we did three years ago, I know you are nurturing soul soil this very moment. I know it seems hard to break ground somedays. The hits just keep on coming and winter never ends. The answers out there somewhere, locked up, inaccessible, not meant for you. Or worse, already growing in someone else's garden. This small act, is offered as a way to let nature remind us that even the giant 8 foot tall sunflower started from a tiny seed. And so, here's to sowing your own sunshine and watching your courage grow. I humbly offer this sunshine starter pack to get you on your way, but this is what I need you to know:

*You* already possess the very seed you need for an abundant harvest.

It took one seed to make a diff’rence. It took one seed to grow up tall. It took one seed to have the courage. One seed that’s all. ~Rosemary Phillips 

Let's start a sunshine revolution and see how much courage we can grow from one tiny seed.

If you'd like a packet of magic seeds, send me your mailing address at I will mail seeds out until they are gone. I would love to see pictures and read stories about your sunshine gardens and planting parties as they grow if you'd like to share. And I'd be most grateful if you passed this post along using your favorite eShare tool by pinning, digging, liking, linking, tweeting etc.

I do hope you join us in the sun fun.

Love and Besos, Latisha

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