Tea for the voracious Creatrix



driving me, pushing boundaries, making me feel a bit uneasy, exploring all my opinions about the extent of my growth and surprise that awaits as the fully expressed vision. It all feels very similar to the emotions surrounding the first months of pregnancy. With all the swirl of new possibility and the ferver of creation, I think it's so easy for us to forget to nourish ourselves deeply in these moments. And clarity is much easier to find when I'm feeling fully fed. So the Mama Tea actually helps quite nicely offering good foodstuffs along with calming, nurturing gentle plant medicine. I suppose, in truth, I've answered my quandary for now. I think I'll just make myself another pot of tea, set out a cup for the muse, and follow her lead for awhile.

Nourishing Tea for the Voracious Creatrix  (previously known as Mama Tea) 1 Part Nettle 1 Part Red Raspberry Leaf 1 Part Oat Tops 1 Part Rose Hips 1 Part Spearmint 1 Part Hibiscus Steep several tablespoons in quart size jar with 1/2 a lemon for several hours or overnight if possible. Strain, enjoy.

This tea incorporates many of the herbs recommended by most folks for nourishing mamas to be, with a little herbmama twist. Generally, the tea is said to strengthen and tone the uterus in order to prepare it for childbirth. But the herbs are so rich in vitamins and minerals it really makes a wonderful cup of calming, strengthening, delicious medicine-food for anyone.  My addition gives the tea a little citrus kick and a thirst quenching flavor for these hot summer days.